Germany is the pioneer in running the project “League”

Until now unforunately there are not many leagues which are organized by the national associations. That isnt suprising. In spite of that Crossminon is and remains a marginal kind of sport. Especially in large and relatively dense populated countries it is difficult to organise a league system as long approaches have to be taken into account.

One possibility would be having several holdings carried out on one day. But probably an introduction of an official league is to early for many countries.

But the example Germany shows that it can work.

There are four leagues divided into four regions:

  • Western league (Western Germany)
  • Eastern league (Eastern Germany)
  • Northern league (Northern Germany)
  • Southern league (South Germany)

Most teams play in the Western league. The Western league is still the only one that has two leagues: “1. Liga West” and “2. Liga West”.


First team ( “Speedfalken Vollmerhausen”) who became champion 2012 in the Western Germany League

Do you know leagues in other countries?

Budget 2016 of the International Speed Badminton Organisation

At the meeting on 27th August 2015 the ISBO has published its budget for 2016:

75.000 Euro

The highest items are shown in a list of the ISBO:

  1. 36.000 Euro (Sports Manager, Daniel G.)
  2. 20.500 Euro (ISBO Tournaments)
  3. 7.000 Euro (“Miscellianous”, no further details available)
  4. 6.000 Euro (Ophardt System, Web fees)

The whole list can be seen HERE on page 13 (externel link)

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The name of the game Speedminton – Speed Badminton – Crossminton

Ouch…I am confused. One racket sport – three names for it. How can that happen?

At presently moment the correct name is still “Speed Badminton” (two words, not “speedbadminton”). The name was given by Bill Brandes who has invented the game. However there are two problems with the name:

  1. The most popular company and market leader who is offering equipment for the game is calling itself “Speedminton”. The brand name of the company appears on nearly each racket. And because the company is the official sponsor of the International Speed Badminton Organisation nearly all the names of the tournaments contain the word “Speedminton” (e. g. ISBO Speedminton Polish Open or ISBO Speedminton World Championships). Furthermore everybody will see the brand name on big banners on each tournament. So over the time the racket sport have been named more and more “Speedminton” by players and no any longer “Speed Badminton” though this would still be the correct name.
  2. The Badminton World Federation demands to change the name because there is the word “Badminton” in it. The ISBO wants to avoid litigation.

Typically banner of the company Speedminton


further banner with the brand name speedminton in it


Because of these two problems on 27th August 2015  the ISBO has decided to rename the racket sport to “Crossminton” from the beginning of the next year.

My opinion is that this has been a good decision. “Crossminton” is similar to “Badminton”. But it isnt the same!

But one further problem still existis:

Bill Brandes is the inventor of “Speed Badminton”. He wont be happy to change “his” name, will he?



Großartige Erfolge im Speed Badminton

Drei Titel und eine Bronzemedaille holte der SSV Happerschoß bei der deutschen Meisterschaft 2015 im Speed Badminton in Dresden.

Es  vetraten dort den Verein: Felix Fielenbach (U12), Sarah Horvat (U14), Malte Koch (U18), Jürgen Koch (Ü40), Patrick Schüsseler (Offene Klasse), Klemens Utzel (U14) und David Zimmermanns (Offene Klasse)

mehr hier…[..]

The SSV Happerschoß took three titles and a bronze medal in the German Speed Badminton Cup 2015 in Dresden.

The competing team members: Felix Fielenbach (u12), Sarah Horvat (u14), Malte Koch (u18), Jürgen Koch (o40), Patrick Schüsseler (Open Division), Klemens Utzel (o14) and David Carpenter (Open Division)

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Speed badminton – Répétition avant l’Euro

“Ce week-end, l’Association sportive de speed badminton de Gouesnou (ASSG) a organisé la huitième édition de leur tournoi annuel du « Bout du monde » …”[…]

This weekend, the Sports Association of Speed Badminton Gouesnou (ASSG) organized the eighth edition of the annual tournament “World’s End”, bringing together most of the best French players. (…)

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Bill Brandes with a new idea – Super Speed Badminton with “Super Speedy”


Bill Brandes – The inventor of Speed Badminton/Crossminton

Bill Brandes – the inventor of the racket sports “Speed Badminton” (from 2016 named “Crossminton”)
– with a new fantastic idea:

A Ball – he names it “super speedy” – which is faster and better than the classic speeder-ball under open air condition!

bill-superspeedy           bill-superspeedy           bill-superspeedy

The “super speedy” (weight: 14 gr.) can fly to a height of ca. 35 m. The cap of the ball has a diameter of 38 mm and is very elastic. So a player can reache an excellent accuracy. The four deltawings of the ball cause a superb flying quality.  Therefore it is possible to play outdoor though it would be very windy. If the wind is less, the distance between the players could be more than 45 m.

To play a game and because of the fantastic range the squares and the distance between the player must be scaled. Below you see the measures of Bills first draft:


a super speed badminton matchcourt by bill brandes which is wider than the classic court

Furthermore Bill is planning a new racket and its release in 2017.

Are you interested in Bills “super-speed-badminton-project”? Bill is searching partners/investors for his new fantastic idea! Please contact us. We will forward your communication confedential to bill.