There are holded many different official tournaments:

  • World championships [2000] (every two years; since 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017…) NEWS
  • European championships [2000] (every two years; since 2012, 2014, 2016…) NEWS
  • International championships [1000] (once a year per country) NEWS
  • International championships [250] (maximal four times a year per country) NEWS
  • National championships [no points for international ranking, 1000 points for national ranking ] NEWS
  • Regional championships [no points for international ranking, 100 points for national ranking] NEWS

For each tournament there is a certain key to decide how many points a player will get on depending the rank he has achieved (in the square brackets you can see the points that a player will get if he wins a tournament).

For each player the results of the international tournaments are registered in the official ranking of the International Speed Badminton Organisation.


Per Hjalmarson

Per Hjarlmarson in Berlin 2011

He was the first World Champion in
Speed Badminton / Crossminton

Kinds of tournaments and score

There are several official tournaments which are organised by the ISBO and its members (national associations). “Official” means that the results or rather the scores of each player will be taken to the ISBO world ranking list. Each score is registered in a time interval of one year and after it it will removed again.  The list is ordered by the sum of each score a player has gotten in his tournaments. The scores a player will get in a tournament depends on his respective ranking. E. G. a player on ranking three will get 1500 scores if it is a 2000-score-tournament. If it is a 250-score-tournament he will get “only” 150 scores.

The list below shows the kinds of tournaments and the score that a player will get, if he wins a tournament:

  • World Championships (2000)
  • European Championships (2000)
  • International Championships of a certain country (1000/500)
  • International Championships of a certain country (250)

Each country can arrange only one 1000/500-score-tournament per year. 250-score-tournaments can be arranged four times a year.

Kinds and score

In general there are three kinds of national tournaments:

  • National championships (one time per year, 1000 score-tournament)
  • Regional championships (not limited, 100)
  • Internal tournament of a club (one time per year, 50)

National tournaments are not arranged by the ISBO and the score of a player wont be registered in the ISBO-World-Ranking-List. But it is registered in a national ranking list. Until now there arent many nations who offer a national list. In Germany exists a national ranking.

Foreign players are not allowed to participate in national tournaments.


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