The name of the game Speedminton – Speed Badminton – Crossminton

Ouch…I am confused. One racket sport – three names for it. How can that happen?

At presently moment the correct name is still “Speed Badminton” (two words, not “speedbadminton”). The name was given by Bill Brandes who has invented the game. However there are two problems with the name:

  1. The most popular company and market leader who is offering equipment for the game is calling itself “Speedminton”. The brand name of the company appears on nearly each racket. And because the company is the official sponsor of the International Speed Badminton Organisation nearly all the names of the tournaments contain the word “Speedminton” (e. g. ISBO Speedminton Polish Open or ISBO Speedminton World Championships). Furthermore everybody will see the brand name on big banners on each tournament. So over the time the racket sport have been named more and more “Speedminton” by players and no any longer “Speed Badminton” though this would still be the correct name.
  2. The Badminton World Federation demands to change the name because there is the word “Badminton” in it. The ISBO wants to avoid litigation.

Typically banner of the company Speedminton


further banner with the brand name speedminton in it


Because of these two problems on 27th August 2015  the ISBO has decided to rename the racket sport to “Crossminton” from the beginning of the next year.

My opinion is that this has been a good decision. “Crossminton” is similar to “Badminton”. But it isnt the same!

But one further problem still existis:

Bill Brandes is the inventor of “Speed Badminton”. He wont be happy to change “his” name, will he?




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