(Frequently Asked Questions)

If you have questions that are not listed here, ask them simply as a comment below. If they are of general interest, we will take them on in the FAQ otherwise we will answer them in the comments.

What is the difference between the blue and black menu bar?
The blue menu bar shows all the news relevant to the subjects, the black menu bar shows “static” information to the topic.
For example: “Teams” in the blue menu bar shows all the news we have posted about teams – “Teams” in the black menu bar shows the teams of each country and further information about them.
I have set up a change of content, but it has not been processed?
If you have just been started with it, this may because it has not been released yet – Please be patient. When this was asked more than two working days before, they probably do not correspond with our rules or requirements. You should not always receive an e-mail for a rejection. Reflect in your content that case and if you went to the honest conviction, that your content is compliant to our rules and requirements, please ask your change request simply again.
I have added a video, but it does not appear in the lists?
Same here, as it has already been said above for other content.
My comment was not published, what can be wrong?
Also the same here, as it has been said above already for other content.
Where can I find the rules?
On each side at the bottom of this portal.
Further questions?
It’s your turn to aks them. Ask them simply as a comment below.


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