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Bill Brandes with a new idea – Super Speed Badminton with “Super Speedy”


Bill Brandes – The inventor of Speed Badminton/Crossminton

Bill Brandes – the inventor of the racket sports “Speed Badminton” (from 2016 named “Crossminton”)
– with a new fantastic idea:

A Ball – he names it “super speedy” – which is faster and better than the classic speeder-ball under open air condition!

bill-superspeedy           bill-superspeedy           bill-superspeedy

The “super speedy” (weight: 14 gr.) can fly to a height of ca. 35 m. The cap of the ball has a diameter of 38 mm and is very elastic. So a player can reache an excellent accuracy. The four deltawings of the ball cause a superb flying quality.  Therefore it is possible to play outdoor though it would be very windy. If the wind is less, the distance between the players could be more than 45 m.

To play a game and because of the fantastic range the squares and the distance between the player must be scaled. Below you see the measures of Bills first draft:


a super speed badminton matchcourt by bill brandes which is wider than the classic court

Furthermore Bill is planning a new racket and its release in 2017.

Are you interested in Bills “super-speed-badminton-project”? Bill is searching partners/investors for his new fantastic idea! Please contact us. We will forward your communication confedential to bill.