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Germany is the pioneer in running the project “League”

Until now unforunately there are not many leagues which are organized by the national associations. That isnt suprising. In spite of that Crossminon is and remains a marginal kind of sport. Especially in large and relatively dense populated countries it is difficult to organise a league system as long approaches have to be taken into account.

One possibility would be having several holdings carried out on one day. But probably an introduction of an official league is to early for many countries.

But the example Germany shows that it can work.

There are four leagues divided into four regions:

  • Western league (Western Germany)
  • Eastern league (Eastern Germany)
  • Northern league (Northern Germany)
  • Southern league (South Germany)

Most teams play in the Western league. The Western league is still the only one that has two leagues: “1. Liga West” and “2. Liga West”.


First team ( “Speedfalken Vollmerhausen”) who became champion 2012 in the Western Germany League

Do you know leagues in other countries?